Our values

Our values

Genuinely care

We genuinely care about what we do, the way that we do it, and the people we do it for.

Dependable and reliable

We are dependable and reliable. We see things through.

Mental toughness

We apply mental toughness to solving problems and getting things done. We employ discipline, hard work and persistence to ensure the quality and timeliness of delivery.


We seek to do the right things and make a difference. This covers quality and value for money, our business ethics and approach.

Hungry to learn

We are hungry to learn. We enjoy solving real world problems, being creative and innovative in all that we do.

Working together

We can only achieve our goals through people working effectively together – staff and customers alike.

Brutal honesty

We act with professional integrity and always aim for frankness to the point of brutal honesty, even when customers are reluctant to hear.

Where do our company values apply?

Everywhere – In all that we do, say and write.

Corporate social responsibility

VIQTOR DAVIS is committed not only to its customers and staff but also to the environment. Corporate social responsibility is important to us. In addition to the support we give to our employees in their social activities, we give substance to this through collaboration with foundations like Building Better People.

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