Machine Learning Bootcamp. Experience the Machine Learning process.


9 am-2 pm

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Everyone is talking about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but only few people really understand how to build a model and productionise it. In the ML Bootcamp participants will be guided through the whole Data Science process and develop and deploy three Machine Learning models in two consecutive days. The course is designed for anyone who has an affinity with data, but is not (yet) a data scientist (e.g. data-savvy business unit managers, data analysts, or data scientists that just started). No coding skills are required.

All levels of experience will be challenged!

The next course is planned on Thursday 21 January (09:00-16:00) and Friday 22 January (09:00-14:00). It is 100% online, with five to eight participants per course.

The ML Bootcamp aims to give hands-on experience in building ML applications, therefore we spend most of the time on a real-life case: building movie recommendation algorithms. All cases are made in the ML platform of Dataiku, which enables us to build and productionise three models within two days! The learnings from the course are applicable on all ML platforms.


Day 1: Learn about different recommender systems and put it into practice by building three different models: from a simple predictor to a state-of-the-art hybrid model.

Day 2: Learn about the process of productionising models and immediately do it yourself: by setting up automatic training, monitoring, and live serving on a web interface.

Machine Learning Bootcamp

21 - 22 January


9:00AM - 2:00PM

100% Online

Online Training by Bloom a VIQTOR DAVIS company

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