Five sessions starting June 8th 2020

Microsoft Knowledge Sharing Week to accelerate a sustainable recovery from COVID-19


3:30-5 pm

In cooperation with Microsoft we organize five knowledge sharing sessions in which we support companies in their efforts of combating the crisis.


Data Craftsmanship to accelerate a sustainable recovery from COVID-19

During this week of knowledge sharing we want to support companies in their efforts of combating the crisis, remaining operationally resilient, and making the best informed decisions moving forward. VIQTOR DAVIS and Microsoft have developed 5 sessions to help companies in organizing their data inflow, extracting insights and optimizing operational performance through the power of Data & AI.

Monday June 8th 2020 3.30 PM
Azure Data Catalog; to fuel your Agile Data Governance program.

Presented by Roger Busser from Microsoft & Dennis van der Linden from VIQTOR DAVIS

In this session we explain the benefits of mature Data Governance in your organization: better decision making, proven compliance with law and regulations and increased revenue and profit. Next we address how to implement Data Governance in a way that accelerates these benefits. We conclude with a Data Governance Use Case on Automated Data Quality build on Microsoft Azure Data Catalog and other Azure services. We aim to inspire you how to make a start with Data Governance in your organization with the support of Microsoft Azure technology.

Tuesday June 9th 2020 3.30 PM
Power BI; to gain data insight and make better business decisions.

Presented by Helen Masters from Microsoft & Bart van Kessel from VIQTOR DAVIS

Data Visualization, Insights and AI by Microsoft Power BI. We will show you the new features of Power BI like Key Influencers, the Decomposition Tree, Cognitive Services and Improved Natural Language Query. Working with Power BI is become more intuitive through the new Ribbon and the improved editing of Visuals. Combining AI and Power BI with all the out-of-the-box features, makes it really easy to get insights in your data.

Wednesday June 10th 2020 3.30 PM
FAQ bot; Revamp your Customer Support process.

Presented by Harmke Alkemade from Microsoft & Bart Wassink from VIQTOR DAVIS

With all the uncertainty and continuous evolving guidelines that have impact on your business and your customers, it is most important and challenging to timely and correctly inform your customers. In this session we will explain you how to leverage Microsoft Azure and the Cognitive Services to swiftly build and deploy a FAQ chatbot that helps your customers to get straight to the right and up to date information. A demo will show you exactly how effective it is and if you are convinced you will be keen to learn how to gradually move from a first bot to an all encompassing virtual assistant.

Thursday June 11th 2020 3.30 PM
Information overload; Laser focus opportunities on news developments in the marketplace.

Presented by Robert Molijn from Microsoft & Bart Wassink from VIQTOR DAVIS

Organization have many reasons to be informed on information and events that are relevant; whether it is to find new sales opportunities, be informed on your supply chain partners or learn about new innovations and solutions in your industry. Yet how can you deal with the overload of more or less relevant information effectively? We will demonstrate how our market radar solution automates the tedious work of finding and processing the vast amounts of data to support your business team with overview, insights and actionable signals.

Friday June 12th 2020 3.30 PM
Machine Learning Ops - accelerating Data Science deployment

Presented by Gabrielle Davelaar from Microsoft & Moustapha El Marini from VIQTOR DAVIS

Gaining a strategic advantage or optimizing business operations with ML is still rare and mostly limited to experimentation. It’s very challenging for organizations to make the transition from experimentations to actual deployments of ML applications. VQD clearly sees a growing need for guidelines and best practices to apply while executing end-to-end ML projects. During this knowledge session, Microsoft & VQD will present the concept of ML Ops as an enabler and demo off-the-shelf ML pipelines on MS Azure as an accelerator for your ML projects. Please join us, so that you can take the next step in your journey on delivering the promise of ML.

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Microsoft Knowledge Sharing Week

8 - 12 June


3:30PM - 5:00PM


These are five online sessions from Monday to Friday

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