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Demonstrating the value of data sharing between public sector agencies

Worcestershire Office for Data & Analytics data sharing proof of value

The Worcestershire Office for Data & Analytics (WODA), is a newly established programme, jointly backed by a range of public sector partners operating across the Worcestershire region. It aims to drive cultural and systematic change in the way that data is shared and harnessed between public sector partners, with the goal of improving outcomes for residents and businesses.

WODA aimed to develop a central, integrated data insight service. Its ultimate ambition was to spearhead a service redesign led by the insight gained by analysing demand, associated costs and defining outcomes. It would use accurate, up to date and reliable data to visualise, measure and model the impact of its activities on the community, delivering new insight on the best allocation of activities, interventions and costs.

WODA appointed VIQTOR DAVIS to help build a proof of value case for a data sharing exercise, aimed at demonstrating the possibilities, driving engagement with WODA’s services, building credibility and generating momentum for the insights service.

Download this white paper to read more about how a proof of value case was build using adult social care as an example.

Download "WODA white paper"

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