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Podcast Episode 2: Create value with Machine Learning Ops

Data Craftsmanship Podcast Episode 2

Machine Learning Ops

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We clearly see a growing need for guidelines and best practices to apply while executing end-to-end ML projects, so that delivery on the promise of Machine Learning is finally enabled. Robin van der Heijden explains you everything about Machine Learning Ops in this 20 minutes podcast.

VQD brings speed and agility in delivering ML pipelines which automate processes across the ML lifecycle to build, train, deploy and monitor ML models. In order to do so, we consistently follow our ML Ops principles.

The VIQTOR DAVIS Podcast is about data and innovation. At this stage you can only try to envision how the world will look like by 2030 as a result of developments such as internet regulation, digital citizenship and advances in areas like artificial intelligence and hyper-connectivity. Every episode deals with a data related topic, driving digital transformation. We call this Data Craftsmanship.

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