The importance of connected governance

Many organisations are becoming frustrated by the discontinuity between business and IT when talking about getting value from organisational data.

To compete in a business environment full of digital opportunity, whilst meeting obligations and demonstrating compliance, the data itself must be unambiguous, shared and trustworthy.

In most organisations we see the IT and business communities each trying to do the right thing by their data, but working in their own silos. There’s a lack of connected data governance. It’s not enough for individual teams to be working on data governance. For businesses to really succeed at turning their data into an asset it’s vital that the IT and business teams are working together rather than separately and that the data governance strategy is connected throughout the organisation.

Business and IT need to jointly discuss what the organisation’s data looks like, but too often we find that they do not have a mutually comprehensible way to do it. They do not have a shared understanding of the data that the organisation holds or a shared language with which to talk about it. This is made worse because the metadata that describes the ‘things that are important’ in their respective worlds is not linked, and the tools they each use to record it are not connected.

People in those organisations are all essentially trying to ‘do the right thing’ with their data, but end up approaching it from different perspectives. What everyone is trying to do is to compete and comply, and to look after their data as they do so.

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The importance of connected governance

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