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Digital Customer Service & Satisfaction

Customer expectations towards digital customer service have changed in recent years. Increasingly, they expect customer service to be available at all times (24/7) and for all types of inquiries and transactions. They expect to be able to use the channel of their choice and get an increasingly tailored, personalized and trustworthy experience.

Business Drivers

Business drivers have been evolving as well, companies increasingly recognize the need to stand out by providing their customers with a unique and tailored experience. This customer-centric approach prioritizes customer retention, satisfaction and promotion over traditional operation- and acquisition-based strategies. But it is imperative to provide this advanced customer service in the most cost-effective way possible.

The digital solution

Customer and engagement data can be used to provide personalized interactions and to enable smooth transitions between channels, providing a tailored experience to each customer. AI enables automation and augmentation of the customer interaction to provide the real omni-channel experience. Rich data environments are well-suited for the application of AI and these can help to create more cost-effective channels through self-service, efficiency and automation.

Digital Customer Service comes with three main challenges

1. Context & personalization

Providing customers with a personalized experience to ensure smoother interactions, transactions, and improved satisfaction.

Through increased context awareness during engagements and the use of context to identify implicit opportunities the customer lifecycle can be management effectively. During this process innovative data techniques can make the customer feel safe about their privacy while using contextual data for personalization.

2. Omni-channel consistency

Ensuring consistency over all channels to prevent customers from getting annoyed by opposing messages.

The challenge is to leverage existing content to provide a seamless channel experience, regarding consistent messaging and service independent of the contacted channel. At the same moment high-quality automation of simple tasks and processes have to be implemented without decreasing customer satisfaction.

3. Channel effectiveness

Measuring how customers use the different channels to enable data-driven decision making.

By measuring data from both digital and traditional channels holistically, effectiveness can be maximized through data-driven decision-making. The same data can guide customers to the correct channel to provide an optimal customer journey. For example, agents in contact centers can be assisted with data to ensure effective and efficient customer engagements.

What we deliver

Digital Customer Service as a capability

Only the right combination of People, Process and Technology will get you the capability to continuously optimize and deliver lasting success. The capability has to evolve over time to adjust and extend to evolving business requirements.

The benefits

Digital Customer Service enables you to improve all aspects of customer interaction.

  • Improved customer satisfaction through faster and first contact handling of customer queries.
  • Retention through improved customer lifecycle management.
  • Increased revenue through personalized customer engagements and service offerings.
  • Cost-effectiveness through increase of self-service through digital channels.
  • Increased customer insights through customer journey analytics enables data-driven decision-making.

Best Practices

VIQTOR DAVIS has broad experience with digital customer service projects. We leverage cognitive technology to deliver best-in-class solutions that improve and automate customer interaction. We provide advisory, roadmapping and implementation services to bring your customer service to the next digital level.

Case Examples

For a large, multilable insurance company we have setup a Center of Excellence responsible for the company wide digital customer support platform and kick-started chatbot implementation within multiple domains.

One of Netherlands largests pension fund operators has implemented a chatbot-livechat solution that allows participants to get tailored information and do basic transactions 24/7. The holistic channel measurement and logfile analysis allows the customer care center to continuously improve both digital and live channels and actively guide the customer to the best channel. Furthermore, the customer care center is now able to act upon new policy communications and political statements by instantly adding these to the chatbot and therewith preventing call-center overflow and ensuring consistent and complete information to their customers at all times.

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