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Rhien Salgado-Jones, industry placement student

Rhien Salgado-Jones is currently a Computer Science student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Kent, UK. Rhien joined VIQTOR DAVIS in 2018 as part of the VIQTOR DAVIS industry placement scheme, which offers university students the opportunity to gain real world experience and pursue a career path into the challenging world of Enterprise Information Management.

So Rhien, how did you come to be a data changemaker at VIQTOR DAVIS?

I applied to VIQTOR DAVIS as a computer science student completing my degree. I was looking for a placement and sat in on a talk, that’s where I got to know more about VIQTOR DAVIS. I applied not for a role, but to the company – I felt that our values aligned, and that they would help me to find the role that fit. The main thing that appealed to me about working at VQD was the freedom they offer, whether that’s to get involved in something you already have experience in or to try something new, they’re happy to open opportunities to everyone.

You mentioned alignment with the company values. What do the VIQTOR DAVIS values mean to you?

VIQTOR DAVIS really do put their values into the work we do. From day to day the values are demonstrated in the small ways, VIQTOR DAVIS genuinely care about their people and the work they deliver. For me if I’m enjoying the work I’m doing, I work more efficiently and VIQTOR DAVIS have taken the time to understand me, making sure  I’m in the right position to deliver the best results I can.

VIQTOR DAVIS is growing and it’s clear that what is important is to achieve this growth by working together, that’s the type of supportive culture I think is great to have.

In your experience, what is it like working for VIQTOR DAVIS?

The main thing I like about VIQTOR DAVIS is that regardless of who you are or what position you’re in, what you have to say is valued. Feedback is taken really well, and effort is put into making the changes you want to see. The flexibility is something I also like, although there are project requirements, VIQTOR DAVIS really strives to achieve a good work life balance.

What does your role entail?

When I first joined the organisation, I started by working on internal security and business continuity planning. This involved improving policies and business continuity testing. I have also worked on developing the internal processes for dealing with data protection and GDPR requests in particular. More recently I have been involved in business analytics and I’m really enjoying working on business intelligence reporting, using PowerBI to clean, model and present data in a way that can be used to impact business decisions.

The data industry is something of a technological evolution, constantly growing. In your opinion why should anyone choose a career in data?

Data is everywhere. Go to a café and want free Wi-Fi? Sure, they’ll let you access theirs in exchange for your data. Want to try some new music? Online streaming services will recommend music once they’ve collected enough data. Data is useful to almost every industry, so naturally it makes sense that we should learn to understand and harness the data we make and collect. I think the use of data will only increase, so it’s a great area to be in.

What advice would you give to future data changemakers interested in pursuing a career in data?

If you enjoy it, stick with it! When I finished school, I was looking at what industries interested me, it wasn’t until then that I realised women working in technology wasn’t as common. I ended up being in a computing class of all men, wondering if I should be there, but I stuck with it and followed it through to university and I’m so glad that I did. There’s a real sense of community amongst women in technology so take advantage of it and use the advice they offer.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I take yoga classes every week and love to try out cooking recipes from across the world, I’ve built up a book of authentic family recipes. I took dance for a long time, so I like to see dance performances, as well as go to music concerts. I also have two dogs that I love to be with and take on beach walks.

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