Master data management

Master data management

Master data management gives your organisation the foundation it needs in order to become truly data-driven. It allows you to define and manage your critical data assets to achieve a single point of reference, as well as providing you with processes for collecting, matching, consolidating and distributing your data to ensure a common understanding and control in the ongoing maintenance and application use of this information. Product information management (PIM) and customer data integration are now more relevant that ever due to the rapid introduction of omni-channel initiatives like web shops.

Why work with VIQTOR DAVIS?

  • Cross-functional team with highly skilled and experienced consultants, architects and specialists
  • End-to-end delivery of all aspects of the project from vision to implementation, through to knowledge transfer and support
  • VIQTOR DAVIS has been repeatedly recognised by Gartner as a leading MDM practice
  • Established partnerships with leading MDM vendors


  • Master data management
  • Data governance
  • Data driven foundation

Becoming data-driven enables you to adapt to future changes in your business model. Data craftsmanship for a data-driven foundation.


Key value propositions

Master data management for product

A proposition to create a single central repository for product master data as source for all your output channels to provide consistent data at the point of use. In combination with enabling your data organisation to continuously improve the data quality for a growing set of data, this will lead to better insight, analytics and results, but also legal compliance and improvements in time-to-market.

Master data management for customer

A proposition for customer master data management to integrate customer data from across the organisation to provide a 360-view of each record.  A unique golden record provides valuable customer insights that can be trusted and that will comply with legal requirements (such as GDPR) and an organisation capable to continuously increasing the quality of your customer data.

Multi-domain master data management

A proposition in which the different MDM domains are combined and therefore a company fully manages its master data. This will lead to a solution where an organisation gains full insight in each domain and its relations, combined with setting the complete framework for a data-driven organisation and enabling reporting and analytics. The proposition for the P- and C-domain could also be a first step towards multi-domain.

Data governance

A proposition for data governance will ensure quality standards, assign ownership and responsibilities and operationalise data stewardship. Data governance prescribes structures and strategy from both a business and technical perspective to give you a foundation of data that is managed as an asset and can be turned into useful information. Data governance is a key element in every data initiative, including MDM.

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