Using Informatica's Enterprise Data Catalog to understand an organisation's systems

Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) is a machine-learning-based data catalog that lets you classify and organise data assets across cloud, on-premises, and big data. It provides maximum value and reuse of data across your enterprise. In this brief demo video we show you how an IT manager can use EDC to identify and understand the systems for which she is responsible.

A new IT manager has been recruited and wants to understand the systems that she is responsible for. She uses the search feature in EDC to find such systems. She can look deeper into each of them to find what other system are upstream and downstream to ascertain what potential inputs she may be responsible for. Technical assets may have names that are cryptic or difficult to understand. She can display the business terms defined for each asset. She can view the description for a specific technical asset from the Axon glossary imported already in EDC.

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