Understanding the policies that govern your data using Axon

Axon Data Governance is a feature-rich, 100 percent cloud-based or on-premises data governance tool. In this short video demo we show you how simple it is for a business user to discover what policies are regulating a particular system.

A compliance user is conducting a policy and regulatory audit of the company’s core systems. She wants to understand what policies regulate a particular system, how these policies operate and what their impact is on the business as a whole. However, being a business user she isn’t quite sure how to source this information.

She begins by using Axon’s search feature. She is presented with a wealth of information about that system, however she wants to know exactly what business policies and regulatory policies are affecting this system. She clicks on the impact tab and the policies subtab.

She notes a policies with which she is not familiar so she clicks onto it. Here she is provided with a plethora of information about that policy including a summary, and a link to any associated documentation or web links. Having reviewed the information, she would like to discuss the policy further with someone in the business so she clicks onto the stakeholder tab where she can find the responsible person and click through to contact them for further information.

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