How a business user can locate a data attribute definition in a business glossary using Axon

Axon Data Governance is a feature-rich, 100 percent cloud-based or on-premises data governance tool. In this short video demo we show you how simple it is for a business user to locate the agreed definition of a data attribute about which he is unsure, using Axon.

A business user in an insurance company receives a daily motor claims report, detailing claims figures from the previous working day. He’s unclear as to what an attribute labeled DOL means. In the past he has noted that different people in different departments have given this term different meanings. However, he can use Axon to avoid any ambiguity by locating the agreed business definition of the term within the business glossary.

He can find the report in Axon using the Unison search feature. He can then locate the attributes of that associated report and then click on the attribute glossary tab. This takes him through to a summary screen with the full definition made available to him where he finds that this particular attribute refers to ‘date of insured loss’.

If the user is still at all unclear about the definition he could contact the person responsible for the glossary definition. Axon connects the glossary term’s objects such as attributes across linked datasets. The business user can further analyse the distribution of the glossary term and discover any associated linked attributes throughout the business by activating the dataset lineage mapping tool with the linking attribute overlay.

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