Investigating a data quality issue using Axon

Axon Data Governance is a feature-rich, 100 percent cloud-based or on-premises data governance tool. In this short demo video we show you how simple it is for a business user to investigate a suspected data quality issue using Axon.

A business intelligence analyst has received a notification indicating that the data quality of a data attribute in a GDPR report has been flagged as being below acceptable limits. She’s been tasked with investigating the data quality issue.

First, the user can find the report in question using the Unison search feature on Axon. Then she can look at the data quality tab and look at the data quality dashboard for a quick overview of the data quality of the report.

She wants to see if this is a new issue or if it has been going on for some time so she looks for the affected attribute and its associated DQ rule in Axon. She clicks on the report tab and she can see that the issue has been going on for many weeks. She therefore suspects that the issue may coincide with a recent business acquisition.

She needs to confirm that this is the issue so wants to discuss this with the person responsible for the DQ rule. She goes to the stakeholder tab where she can then locate the contact details for the responsible person and approach them to discuss the matter further.

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