Identifying data stakeholders using Axon's stakeholder community feature

Axon Data Governance is a feature-rich, 100 percent cloud-based or on-premises data governance tool. In this short video demo we show you how simple it is to identify stakeholders with an interest in any data attribute or dataset using Axon’s stakeholder community feature.

An IT user has received a change request for an attribute in an existing dataset. However, before implementing this change he needs to speak to the owner of the attribute or the dataset to check that there will not be any adverse impact of implementing the change.

First of all he goes to the search feature to find the attribute in question. He can see from the search results that this date attribute from the claims history dataset is the one in question. He can read through the list and check that the attribute is in the list and consult the attribute glossary term if required. Once he has confirmed this information he can proceed to find out who the stakeholder is.

He then realises that the claims history dataset doesn’t have any dataset stakeholders or any data attribute stakeholders however Axon’s stakeholder community feature enables him to locate stakeholders of linked objects that he could contact to see if they are able to help with any of his queries.

In the stakeholder community there is a list of other people within the organisation who, whilst they do not have direct responsibility for the claims history dataset, may be able to help out with any queries he has. Once he has assessed the best person to contact he can click through onto their contact page to obtain their contact details.

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