How Informatica's EDC and Axon enable IT and business users to speak the same language

Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) is a machine-learning-based data catalog lets you classify and organise data assets across cloud, on-premises, and big data. It provides maximum value and reuse of data across your enterprise. In this brief video we show you how business users and IT users can both access the information they need using EDC together with Axon.

A business user has to fix a priority issue in a system. The problem has been located with a single attribute with the wrong format.

With a connected governance solution he can trace all associated technical assets, helping the IT team in quickly and efficiently searching out other affected systems or tables. He can search for the specific attribute in the Axon glossary.

In the Enterprise Catalog tab there is a list of linked assets. He can view the impact on associated assets in the EDC. He can find the tables that the problematic object was sourced from and of course he can go back to Axon using the associations of technical assets with business terms. That way he can get a better understanding of both the business and IT worlds for fast and accurate action.

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