How a business user can initiate a change request using Axon

Axon Data Governance is a feature-rich, 100 percent cloud-based or on-premises data governance tool. In this short demo video we show you how simple it is for a business user to initiate a change request process using Axon.

A sales manager has been tasked with making a change to system by adding a new attribute to a sales table so he can record secondary email addresses. As a business user the sales manager doesn’t know much about the change process or who to speak to so, using Axon, he can find the system in question and then review further details about that system such as system interfaces, stakeholders or data, which is where he finds the sales table that he wishes to add the attribute to.

Now, he can use the stakeholder overlay on the data map to see the stakeholders of the data involved and any other linked datasets. Using these details he knows who he can contact with any queries.

He wants to find out what the change request process is on the system so he clicks through to review the workflow and now he can understand the exact process of initiating the change request to the system. With all the relevant information at hand he can now complete the change request  that will go straight through to the IT user who will be able to action his request.

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