Axon and ECD - understanding linked fields and determining value frequency

Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) is a machine-learning-based data catalog lets you classify and organise data assets across cloud, on-premises, and big data. It provides maximum value and reuse of data across your enterprise. In this brief video we show you how business users and IT users can both access the information they need using EDC together with Axon.


A management information analyst at a motor insurer is working with the marketing department to help develop a new marketing strategy. He is aware of a mailing report that contains some valuable sales data that will enable the business to target multiple vehicle households. Using the connected systems of Axon and EDC he is able to review and analyse the mailing system and any associated databases from both a business and IT perspective.

He uses Axon Unison search to locate the attribute ‘num_cars’. He clicks on the attribute from the search list. This opens the mailing table page showing all the attributes in the table. He can click on the glossary tab for an explanation of the business term or he can click on the linked field ‘number of cars’ attribute which opens the attribute in EDC.

Within EDC he can see a wealth of information about that attribute including the frequency of given values within the data to help him analyse the number of cars in each potential customer’s household, enabling the business to target its marketing accordingly.

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