Data Delta Introduction

The Data Delta Method

Introducing the Data Delta Method

VIQTOR DAVIS refers to the gap between the data you have, and the information you need, as the Data Delta. We help our customers turn their data into useful information from which they can derive knowledge and take action.

We articulated the concept of the Data Delta and devised a method to cross it after working with data, information and knowledge for over 25 years. It is an agile, pragmatic approach to driving digital value throughout any organisation.

Our role in leading strategic data projects for major organisations around the world brought our thinking into focus. We have worked across multiple different industry types but the first time we were asked to document our entire thinking in one place was for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. VIQTOR DAVIS helped them to produce the world’s first comprehensive data management strategy at a pan-governmental level.

The ideas of digital disruption point clearly to the role of digital technology in revolutionising organisations as data changes their traditional value proposition. Our Data Delta model provides the blueprint that will enable you to unlock the potential of your digital data. It is at the heart of everything we do and helps our customers exploit the phenomenal opportunity the digital age represents.

Crossing the data delta is a journey

We believe that many organisations don’t treat their data as a very valuable asset today. If that’s true for you, it needs to change. The concepts in our book provide the information you need to get you from where you are now, across the gap to where your organisation needs to be. Our advisory services including our accelerators, templates, check lists and data models can provide you with the complementary tools and techniques to turn the theory into practice even faster.

It’s about ownership of the data, and planning a journey to improve your data so that it meets your evolving organisational needs. An example below shows a 6 step plan for GDPR Consent Mastering that we have developed to help all organisations meet their regulatory obligations.


Everyone starts their journey at a different point. Every organisation has evolved a unique data management culture over the years. Each has its own digital landscape, created organically during many business and IT initiatives. An understanding of this individual landscape is crucial to the management of data and crossing the Data Delta.

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Getting started - the five step Data Delta approach

How should the Data Delta thinking be applied in your organisation? (For full details you can download our full book for free here but this section will provide an overview.)

To find the best roadmap for your organisation it’s important to determine what is credible and feasible based on where you are today. Here are the five steps to consider when building your programme strategy:

  1. You need a plan – document what it is you have to do to succeed
  2. You don’t know the future – be flexible and agile as you begin to cross the Data Delta
  3. You don’t need to do everything – you just need to get to a much better place
  4. Deliver incremental benefit – every six months (or so) or you’ll lose momentum
  5. People, process and technology – a balance that is part of the art of programme management.

DeltaTriangle SolutionElementsThese figures are subjective assessments from a group of our top consultants on their recent projects. We don’t claim this is scientifically based but it is steeped in pragmatism.

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The last word - take a thin slice

The trick to success is to find a small “slice” of your data. For this slice you will address every aspect of it, making a significant improvement to the organisation. Consider this thin arrow slicing vertically through the Data Delta method:Thin SliceThe idea of this diagram is that you can identify a small amount of data and apply all the data management principles to it. This could be your key to driving across your Data Delta. It is all about identifying the smallest subset that can add real visible value to your organisation.

Data Governance

It is important that as part of your first project, the Data Governance capability is established, even if it is only going to manage a small amount of data to start with. This means addressing each of the data management principles and related domains (see above). Getting data governance right early on allows you to be sure that every concern can be approached in the right way.

Finding the right data journey for your organisation is not easy. Creating these tailored strategies is one of our specialisms at Entity.

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