What do bananas have in common with your bank account?

Success in data quality!

Companies from both industries have reported 80% fewer issues related to data quality after implementing a VIQTOR DAVIS Data Solution! Data quality is an essential part of doing business and a driver for new innovative developments.

Tasty bananas

For a prominent retail organisation, VIQTOR DAVIS has ensured that a product can be followed across all systems, from development through to the stage of phasing out. In this Master Data Management solution, data is stored once and clearly. The high-quality standard that this organisation has achieved ensures less manual interaction, cost savings and quick insights!

Your bank account

Within this financial institution, the data from different source systems have been migrated to 1 new source system. This drastically reduces the error sensitivity of incorrect input and has led to considerable cost savings!

'80% fewer issues'

Do you want to know more about how your organization can save costs or work more efficiently through an effective central data solution? Please contact VIQTOR DAVIS and our experts will update you in a session of maximum one hour.

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Data Migration is an often-underestimated part of the change programs. This is one of the reasons why change programs are often plagued with delays and overrun budgets. Download our White Paper 'Successful Data Migration' to ensure your project is running smoothly.

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