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Automatic call summarization

We can automate call summarization for your specific domain to save time and improve summary quality

A significant part of call handling time is spent on post call processing. If an agent enters a summary of the call, it can take up to 3 minutes before they are available for the next call. Conversation summarization provides an automatically generated call summary with AI, so your customer service agents make most effective use of their time and summaries are more consistent.

Business value

  • Reducing call handling time
    Conversation summarization provides an automatically real-time generated call summary that reduces the post call handling time, so your customer service agents make most effective use of their time.
  • Consistent summary quality
    Our solutions provides full control over the summary that is created and has quality measures in place so we can guarantee that only valid summaries are being passed on.

How we help

  • Tailored to your specific conversational domain
    Dialogue summarization requires a generative approach based on an understanding of the domain. Domain specific interpretation and dialogue modelling provides full control over the generated summary.
  • We enable real-time call transcription to save time
    Real-Time processing generates the summary as soon as the call has ended.
  • Proven technologies
    Combination of cognitive services and components that are already leveraged in chatbots. VIQTOR DAVIS known facts based conversational model is the engine for that.
  • Ready-to-deploy
    Azure patterns leverages the available STT and NLU and provides elastic scalability. A combination of best-in-class technology enhanced by VIQTOR DAVIS dialogue modeling and algorithms.

How does it work

With Speech-to-Text we enable real-time call-transcription; NLU and Dialogue Modelling enables automated summarization.

To understand the conversation, we need to understand the individual sentences. We use a known-facts based graph-model to interpret the content of the dialogue to determine what should be included in the summary. The summary is generated by combining curated summary phrases with variables based on the outcome of the dialogue interpretation. The summary contains all the relevant pieces of information in a standardized format.

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