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Now more than ever analytics teams, both data science and business intelligence, are under increasing pressure to deliver quickly to enable targeted and responsive decision making. At the same time, ensuring that insights can be trusted, that ethical practices are maintained and investments of time and money in analytics are made responsibly with minimal waste. In this webinar we will discuss VQD’s REA methodology, how it addresses these pressing concerns and how the Informatica Data Engineering suite of technologies makes REA and trustworthy, cost effective, enterprise class, responsible analytics a reality. We will be joined by Informatica who will provide an overview of their exciting proposition and give a live demonstration of their data engineering platform.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The hard lessons that analytics teams have learnt
  • The shortfalls of traditional analytics processes
  • How the REA methodology provides a fresh approach to the insights production line
  • The technology and capabilities enabled by the Informatica Data Engineering Suite

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is designed for the producers and consumers of insights through data analytics; CDOs, Business Intelligence and Data Science Leads, and business managers who are interested in accelerating their insights production line and reducing long-term cost in a responsible way.

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