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Jacklien Maessen – Business analytics consultant

So Jacklien, how did you come to VIQTOR DAVIS?

I was looking for a new challenge in which I was able to combine my work experience as a data analyst and my academic background in research and statistics. During several interviews with VIQTOR DAVIS, I learned that the organisation consisted of several pillars of expertise and that multi-disciplinary collaboration between these pillars is highly encouraged. This was what attracted me to the company because it offers me the opportunity to broaden my skills and learn a lot from experienced colleagues.

As someone who has recently joined the organisation, what are your thoughts about working at VIQTOR DAVIS so far?

I started working at VIQTOR DAVIS in January 2019, so I am still fairly new to the company. However, it doesn’t feel like this as the people I’ve encountered whilst at VIQTOR DAVIS are very open and welcoming. I feel like my contribution in both external and internal projects is valued. What really stands out to me is that VIQTOR DAVIS pays attention to your professional goals and tries to contribute to achieving them.

Since joining, what has your role entailed?

I started out by joining an internal team that was developing an algorithm for detecting anomalies in data. The business value of this product is very evident and at the same time I was able to use my statistical background and R programming skills in it, which made the project very interesting. Currently I am working on a project in which we are developing a data warehouse for an international client in the logistics sector.

As an organisation we are really proud of our values. Since joining have you seen our values in practice?

In our daily work several of the VIQTOR DAVIS values come forward implicitly. Being in the office you come across people that genuinely care about their work and talk about it in a passionate way. Besides this colleague are also genuinely interested in their customers. From what I have seen so far the VIQTOR DAVIS values are intertwined in the relationship that you have with both customers and colleagues.

The data industry is something of a technological evolution, constantly growing. In your opinion why should anyone choose a career in data?

The usages of data and the opportunities that come along with it are developing fast. As data is getting bigger and more important in the future it is a very interesting time to get into this field! Turning data into information is something that is currently happening in a very successful manner. However, using this information to actually drive change is a promising challenge for the future. This ‘last mile’ of using data is called storytelling and it is something that we are exploring at VIQTOR DAVIS.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about pursuing a career in data?

If you like doing something, just try it and it will turn out great! During my studies I was very interested in pursuing a career in data. However, I was a bit doubtful as to whether I could do it since I did not fit the typical profile. In hindsight I am very glad that I just did it.

What do you get up to outside of work?

In summer you can find me on the tennis court a couple of times a week. I love being outside and being active. When traveling I like do things such as taking hikes or scuba diving. During my studies I worked in hospitality, so I definitely enjoy gastronomy!


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