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Alivia Redman – Junior Consultant

How did you come to work at VIQTOR DAVIS?

I was looking for more diverse work with the opportunity to build on my past experience and plenty of scope to learn. My background is life sciences, but my work history is more software and technology for product master data management. This included data cataloguing and cleaning, managing workflows for material or BOM creates and edits through integrating ERPs with the software solution. VIQTOR DAVIS stood out as the next move because the job fit the content I wanted to keep doing, but mostly it was because of the core values, which closely aligned with my own. I very much applied to the company first, the role second. The interviewing process reaffirmed my impression, as has everyone I have met since.

As someone who has recently joined the organisation, what are your thoughts about working at VIQTOR DAVIS so far?

I’m still very new, I started working at VIQTOR DAVIS in March 2019, so it’s very much my impression ‘so far’! However, I feel that everyone I’ve come across whilst at VIQTOR DAVIS is very welcoming. I have contributed to internal and external projects in a variety of engagements. I feel like valued contributions are recognised and all points of view (and questions) are welcomed.

Since joining, what has your role entailed?

I have been involved in a few projects so far, ranging from strategy engagements to software implementations. I have taken part in maturity assessments using the ‘Crossing the Data Delta’ methodologies, and connected governance projects. Both involved learning and utilising new tools (to me) to implement MDM and data governance strategies and defining business glossaries using standard industry classifications. I am currently working with a local council to provide visibility and insight to internal business processes, including automated SLA checks and adding the ability to effectively monitor and optimise their processes over time. So basically, my role has covered a variety of different things so far!

As an organisation we are really proud of our values. Since joining have you seen our values in practice?

Absolutely, the more people I meet the more apparent it is. People genuinely care, the customer is at the core of everything we do, colleagues at VIQTOR DAVIS are willing to put as much time and effort into a quality final outcome. Members of the team take the time to upskill themselves with the intent to constantly improve what we already do.

The data industry is something of a technological evolution, constantly growing. In your opinion why should anyone choose a career in data?

I think data is fundamental. The usage and opportunities are ever-growing, more and more companies are recognising its importance and more data is being produce than ever before. Our current capabilities are limited a little by technology but a lot by what we think we can do. Every interaction we have online produces data, every transaction and (depending on the T&Cs) every click, swipe, word typed and anything we say after ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘Okay Google’ can be collected. I think that’s immense and I think that is fascinating (and should be GDPR compliant!). This is absolutely the best time to pick a career in data. Turning the data you have into the information you need to drive real business change needs to be done in an innovative but rational way.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about pursuing a career in data?

Go for it, don’t let preconceived notions drive your decision making. When I finished university, I was looking at anything technology or technology adjacent. I was aware I wasn’t the typical data/tech type, I didn’t realise that’s exactly what is needed to drive innovation and to effectively work with customers. Our customers are not a specific ‘type’ so why should we be? VIQTOR DAVIS recognises this. So, if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in data and you’re interested, give it a go and the less you think you’re not the classic ‘data type’, the more I’d say go for it.

I’d also add I came from an atypical educational background so even if you don’t have the classic computer science degree, as long as you’re interested and willing to learn that doesn’t matter either.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I like to volunteer in anything that’s a passion project, so I’ve volunteered in schools, English camps, hospitals and projects to take underprivileged kids on various trips. I played volleyball at uni but since getting a desk job that’s been downgraded to the gym. I also like to read, fiction and non-fiction, as long as it’s interesting. I think that covers the main extracurriculars. I also love musicals, plays and comedy clubs but if it’s sunny you’ll find me with a G&T on a rooftop somewhere!


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