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Take the stress out of delivering a cloud data platform

Most organisations deal with numerous different data sources – it is not uncommon to talk to clients who have hundreds of different data sources that they somehow need to bring together to provide a clear view of their business. As an example, the average UK local authority has over 1,800 different applications in use at any one time, all generating data in disparate formats that needs to somehow be harmonised.

This is where a data management platform can help, bringing disparate data sources together into a consistent structure and enabling the organisation to better understand and make use of the data that it holds. Many vendors and consultants will try and persuade you that the best way to do develop a data platform is to start from scratch building a whole new data platform, but this approach is risky, time consuming and extremely costly. Time and again we’ve seen these kinds of projects fail due to expensive and complex technology, or because the project does not last long enough to deliver the benefits promised.

At VIQTOR DAVIS we recommend a different approach – the so-called ‘thin slice’ method, part of our industry leading data delta methodology. This white paper explains how this approach works and outlines how you can get your data platform up and running quickly with minimal risk and maximum benefit.

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Setting up a data management platform

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