ML Ops-in-a-day workshop. Learn everything there is to know.


9 am-5 pm

Enter VQD’s ML Ops-in-a-Day workshop. In this workshop you will learn everything there is to know about ML Ops through: presentations on ML and ML Ops, interactive sessions enabling insightful discussions and hands-on exercises to provide on-the-spot learning.

What is ML Ops?

Most Machine Learning (ML) initiatives fail to deliver significant business value as it proves to be difficult to deploy developed ML models. Coping with black-box models, being stuck in experimentation phases and performance drift are some examples of obstacles that hinder the success of ML initiatives. ML Ops enables you to solve these problems as it is a practice of collaboration and communication between data, IT and business professionals to manage the ML production lifecycle. Practicing ML Ops means that you advocate for automation and monitoring at all steps of the ML lifecycle, including development, integration, testing, releasing and deployment.

The workshop

Our full day workshop is facilitated by VIQTOR DAVIS ML Ops experts. We provide the workshop via virtual means. Also, we want to make sure that our facilitators pay sufficient time and attention to every participant, therefore the maximum number of participants for the workshop is 15 persons.

Tracks & Outline
The workshop is accessible for business as well as technical oriented audience as we provide a distinctive Business and Technical track after an introductory General Track:

  • General Track: Obtain a high-level understanding/refresh of ML, and an introduction into the concept of ML Ops
  • Business Track: Identify possible ML use-cases, and get introduced to the business side of implementing these use-cases
  • Technical Track: Learn how to set up a ML Ops environment, and the technical details of an end-to-end ML implementation

The workshop outline is tailored depending on your needs and the audience, it consists of one or multiple tracks as described below. The general track that is for everyone who wants to participate. This part of the workshop takes place in the morning. The business track is for managers and POs. The technical track is for data scientist, developers and data engineers. In the afternoon you can choose between one of the them.

1. General introduction into ML and ML Ops

a. Possibilities of Machine Learning
b. Introduction to ML Ops

2A. Business Track

a. Do It Yourself (DIY) – Sneak preview on implementing ML models
b. ML Use-Case Ideation
c. ML Ops Maturity Model

2B. Technical Track

a. Introduction to the MSFT Azure and Azure Machine Learning
b. Technical Deepdive on ML Ops
c. Walkthrough of VQD’s ML Ops pipeline
d. Do It Yourself (DIY) – End-to-end implementation of a ML model with ML Ops


The next workshop will be held on Thursday March 25.

The form below is open for registrations. If you are interested in following a workshop with your team, please indicate this when registering. we will contact you for a tailor-made proposal.

You register for a FREE full-day workshop on March 25th, consisting of either general with technical or general with business track.

ML-Ops workshop outline

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Workshop ML Ops-in-a-day

25 - 25 March


9:00AM - 5:00PM


Microsoft Teams.
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