Microsoft Innovation Friday for Retail, Break-out session with Meatless farm


9-11:30 am


Join us for Innovation Friday on Retail

VIQTOR DAVIS will host a Break-Out session together with Meatless Farm. Find out for yourself the success of the fastest-growing meat alternatives brand in the UK. To support their ambitious growth, Meatless Farm uses data-driven insights to focus on opportunities for improvement where it counts most. For example, by data-driven exploration of new markets or driving win-win partnerships through data insights.

About Innovation Friday

How do I perfect the customer journey with mixed media? How do I get the right product in the right place at the right time? How do I let HQ monitor hundreds of hundreds of shop floors, anywhere in the world? How do I quickly adapt my organization to millions of customer insights? How do we get everything out of AZURE together?

Find answers to these kind of questions and more during Innovation Friday. Discover how you can always stay a few steps ahead of the future with AZURE. Sign up now for Innovation Friday on Retail on January, 29th from 9.00AM till 11.15AM.

Microsoft Innovation Friday

29 - 29 January


9:00AM - 11:30AM

Online Microsoft Event

This event will be hosted online by Microsoft.

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