Insight Report - Save the Data: Know Your Donor Lifetime Value

The impact of COVID-19 is as significant as it is unavoidable, with organisations of all industries needing to adapt to the ever-changing environments in which they operate.

Charities and not-for-profits have been affected considerably and the need to engage with donors to produce effective fundraising efforts is greater than ever. The combination of a drop in revenue alongside rising costs and a demand for their services has meant charities and not-for-profits need to engage with their donors reliably, speedily and at scale.

VIQTOR DAVIS held a virtual roundtable to discuss the challenges faced by charities and what steps can be taken to better understand their donors, deliver effective marketing and continue their fundraising efforts as the world around us continues to change at pace.

Download our insight report to learn the challenges that charities and not-for-profits face in a changing world, alongside how technology and data can enable greater collaboration, productivity and revenue.

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Report - Know Your Donor Lifetime Value

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