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Data Craftsmanship Podcast Episode 1

Responsible AI

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Responsible AI is about transparency and trust in Artificial Intelligence. In this first ever VIQTOR DAVIS Podcast we meet 'Data Scientist Marijn Kroes' who guides us through the world of Machine Learning and Black Box Decision Making.

Artificial intelligence is revealing the hidden value of data by automating decision-making. But poorly designed AI solutions can spiral out of control. There is, therefore, a growing need for artificial intelligence that can be understood and explained, operates according to regulations, norms and values, and is comprehensible and acceptable for customers and the public. Learn about how to build transparency and trust in existing or new AI solutions.

The VIQTOR DAVIS Podcast is about data and innovation. At this stage you can only try to envision how the world will look like by 2030 as a result of developments such as internet regulation, digital citizenship and advances in areas like artificial intelligence and hyper-connectivity. Every episode deals with a data related topic, driving digital transformation. We call this Data Craftsmanship.

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