Benchmark research: Which elements contribute to a data-driven organization?

Research purpose

Today, data management is an essential foundation of every healthy organization and therefore a boardroom subject. Business models are adjusted based on data. Decisions in daily activities, innovation and internal changes are increasingly driven by available data.

With healthy data, a company can anticipate changes much better and faster, it is more resilient, smarter and more future-proof. VIQTOR DAVIS believes in the power of data. We are convinced that control over and correct use of data makes a company distinctive. This belief does raise a number of questions: do organizations have the right foundation to make data-driven decisions? Where does the responsibility lie for reliable data management? Are organizations able to produce qualitative and credible reports?

To find an answer to this, VIQTOR DAVIS started an exploratory study with the main question: which factors contribute to a data-driven organization? Participation in this research provides insight into the data foundation of your company and the most important objectives in data strategy. In short, it helps you to take your company's data management to a higher level.

Report topics

  • What is the importance of a data strategy for organizations.
  • What challenges do organizations experience in formulating, elaborating and implementing a described data strategy.
  • How do organizations record the most important (master) data and what responsibilities for data management are related to this.
  • According to which steps do companies think they can implement data strategy and achieve results.

Benefits of participating

  • Personal contact
    You will receive a personal presentation of the benchmark report by our specialist.
  • Compare yourself with your environment
    The specialist hands over the benchmark report with your answers and the answers of your peers.
  • Periodic updates
    If requested, we will send you periodic updates on the results of our benchmark survey.

VIQTOR DAVIS is conducting this research in collaboration with The Blue Hour.

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