VIQTOR DAVIS is involved in AI4cities, accelerating carbon neutrality

AI4Cities is a three-year EU-funded project bringing together leading European cities looking for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to accelerate carbon neutrality.

Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Stavanger and Tallinn are the six European cities and regions that are working side-by-side with relevant companies to provide AI solutions for mobility and energy challenges, that will ultimately contribute to reduce CO2 emissions and meet their climate commitments.

After an internal brainstorm VIQTOR DAVIS developed an idea within the energy domain, which has been approved by AI4cities. Based on the approved idea, VIQTOR DAVIS shared ideas in collaboration with experts from the various associated European cities. We are currently developing the concept based on the feedback obtained, to build a sustainable partnership with AI4cities to the future, accelerating carbon neutrality.

For more information please visit AI4cities or contact VIQTOR DAVIS.

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