Why MDM projects fail and what this means for big data

The challenge of big data

There’s no doubt about it – the data universe is expanding at a dramatic rate. Big data will affect every company, regardless of size. Big data presents both an enormous challenge and an enormous opportunity to those companies intent on extracting value from their information. However a large number of MDM projects fail.

The risk of failure in big data projects

Big data initiatives run the risk of failure because the foundations of information management including a consistent enterprise reference data architecture, reference data management, master data management (MDM) and information lifecycle management are not in place. In each case organisations are attempting to gain insight and value from information. Big data is a larger, scarier version of the same problem.

How can you manage this challenge?

This free white paper discusses the reasons why so many big data projects fail and identifies strategies that you can use to maximise the chances that your own organisation’s big data projects will succeed.

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Why MDM projects fail

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