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Every marketer understands the opportunity that being truly data-driven offers these days, but the reality is that making operational use of your organisational data to drive marketing decision making is harder than it looks. You probably have reams of data covering many different aspects of your business – customer profile data, transactional data, behavioural data, product performance data, campaign data – the sky’s the limit these days. But are you really making use of all that data to drive your marketing strategy day-to-day?

There is often a gap between the insights that the marketing team want in order to drive their strategy and the reality of what they can actually get from their analytics team or solution. Perhaps you can’t get insight quickly enough in order to be able to capitalise on them to drive your campaigns. Perhaps poor data quality means you don’t trust the insights that you do get so are reluctant to use them as the basis of decision making. Perhaps you’ve got more data than you know what to do with but it’s all in different systems and different formats that you can’t join up. Perhaps you can’t get the data you need in order to effectively measure whether your campaigns are working. Perhaps you’d like to take your marketing analytics to the next level with basket analysis, next best action analysis and advanced segmentation but you’re not sure where to start.

These are all common problems that many marketing teams face and ultimately the solution to each problem is the same: effective data management.

Watch this webinar to learn:-

  • Why it can be such a challenge for the marketing function to become truly data-driven
  • The core issues that typically make it hard to generate and operationalise meaningful marketing insights from your data
  • What data management is and how it can help you to get the data you need in order to confidently make marketing decisions
  • How VIQTOR DAVIS’s industry leading data delta method helps you address the barriers to effective data management in your organisation

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is aimed any marketing director or manager who wants to make more effective use of the data that their organisation holds in order to drive the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, cutting costs and improving response rates.

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