What do pigs have in common with your ultimate beach trip?

Success in cost saving and traceability!

Companies from both industries have saved 10% on their indirect personnel costs by both using a VIQTOR DAVIS Data Solution! For both organisations, data has become a fixed value in business, in addition, data is there to guarantee the quality of products or services throughout the entire business process.

The toppings for your sandwich

At this meat processing company, results have been achieved through a central managed storage of product data. With this Master Data Management solution, products from farm to customer can be quickly made transparent without manual interaction!

Awesome holidays

This international tour operator combined data from different sources to get correct insights into booking positions. With these insights, competitive pricing can be published on the website much faster than before. This process used to take a lot of time by manually combining data at a high error rate!

10% saved on indirect personnel costs

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