On demand webinar: Achieving connected data governance

Unlocking the power of your data to help you effectively complete and comply

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Everyone wants their organisation to be data driven but the reality is that achieving this is easier said than done. To be truly data driven, everyone in your organisation needs to be able to access the data that they need, to understand where it has come from and how it can be used, and be confident that it’s accurate and reliable. Without good data governance, none of these things are possible.

Data is one of your organisation’s greatest assets, but without connected data governance you will struggle to unlock the information held within it that you need in order to be able to complete effectively or to achieve regulatory compliance.

The gap between business needs and IT focus is still one of the most powerful barriers to achieving connected data governance. This webinar will show you how to get your line-of-business teams and your IT people pulling in the same direction, and how our data delta method can help you achieve a solid, connected data governance foundation in your organisation.

What will I learn?

In just one hour you will learn how achieving connected data governance ensures that: –

  • Everyone in your organisation can quickly find the data they need in order to do their jobs
  • Business users know where their data has come from, who owns it and how they can (and can’t) use it
  • You can trust that your data is correct and confidently use it to make faster, better business decisions, responding to environmental changes more quickly
  • Your organisation’s data becomes a trusted asset that effectively drives business value rather than a source of dispute between different organisational teams
  • Your organisation can use its data to confidently achieve regulatory compliance

Who should view this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at CTOs, CIOs, CDOs, IT Directors, Compliance Officers, Data Protection Officers and anyone who is interested in learning more about achieving connected data governance in their organisation.

Click here to view the webinar

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