Professionals with diverse backgrounds, genders and cognitive styles

You increasingly entail a merge of the digital and the physical world, where the relevance of the former is rapidly becoming more prominent. It will be a pivotal challenge how you align the two. The main practices that support this merge are a clear strategy for usage and analysis of data and the deployment of the right technological architecture.

Ivo-Paul Tummers, CEO VIQTOR DAVIS: ‘The causality between optimal usage of data and success in business can no longer be deemed the result of mere chance. The market is increasingly asking for broad support in data- and digital transformation. This requires the bundling of various disciplines. We envisage a collection of artisans in your chosen fields of expertise.’

VIQTOR DAVIS is a specialised team of over 350 professionals focused exclusively on business transformation through effective use of data. We operate in Benelux, United Kingdom and the USA with specialised development centres in Mexico and India. We are your partner in data science, strategy, governance, management and analytics.

Professionals with diverse backgrounds, genders and cognitive styles to better understand your business and provide innovative thinking at each layer of your information architecture - artificial intelligence and data science, business process and decision making, application and infrastructure or access, security and governance. We attract. Challenge and inspire highly educated and experienced specialists in fields like neuroscience and cognitive systems, ready to serve you.

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Our values

Ahead of the Game

Our people constantly focus on innovation and knowledge. This relates not only to the services for our customers, but also to the development of our experts.

Big enough to be relevant, small enough to care

VIQTOR DAVIS is a relevant partner for cross border projects but let there be no doubt that we care about local projects, initiatives and our people.

Proud to Deliver

We have a strong drive to deliver great, working solutions that actually make the difference.

Brutal Honesty

We act with professional integrity and always aim for frankness to the point of brutal honesty, even when customers are reluctant to hear.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is important to you. We support projects in landscape maintenance, food service for people with a lower income, initiatives to teach young children to program, care and assistance for terminally ill patients and projects where families with a lower income can enjoy a family experience.

VIQTOR DAVIS is helping the MS Center Amsterdam to improve the MS Center database, to jointly improve the life and treatment of people with MS. VIQTOR DAVIS helps the MS center with modern IT technologies such as advanced analytics, big data and visualization techniques. In the context of corporate social responsibility, VIQTOR DAVIS makes 3,500 man-hours available to the MS Centrum Amsterdam in two years.

Our main initiative is Global 510, to shape humanitarian aid by converting data into understanding, put it in the hands of aid workers, decision-makers and people affected, so that they can better prepare for and cope with disasters and crises.

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