Case Study

Tetra Pak

Computer Vision based system using high-speed cameras to guide seamless production process.

Detecting production defects is crucial in the high-speed filling process within the food processing industry. However, detecting the defects and determining the reason for defects is no easy task. Manual inspection is not feasible because of the speed and the subtle nature of the defects. Together with our Partner Microsoft, VIQTOR DAVIS supported Tetra Pak in developing a Computer Vision based system using high-speed cameras to gather images of packaging leaving the machines. The system is able to detect defects and analyze the nature of the defect and helps determining which environmental variables and machine configurations will minimize package defects​.

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Euramax Coated Products

Data decoupling of transactional processes and conversion into visible, usable information.

case study

Friesland Campina

Experiencing explosive B2B digital growth, Friesland Campina invited VIQTOR DAVIS to guide transformation.

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VIQTOR DAVIS developed and implemented an extendable Business Data warehouse.


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