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Data management programs, initiatives and projects tend to be large and slow moving, incompatible with agile approaches.

This perception has led to initiatives and programs being difficult to sign off as large programs of work are seen as being expensive and risky.

The longer a data management program takes to deliver, the greater the delay to realising the improved insights, efficiency gains and risk reducing benefits that good data management brings.

How can this cycle be broken?

VIQTOR DAVIS's 'crossing the data delta' method is a tried and tested implementation approach that allows organisation-wide initiatives to be delivered incrementally, thus adding early and continuous value.

If you are embarking on a data management journey, are thinking of doing so or have started but want to speed up then join us on this webinar to learn more.

You will learn:-

  • How to ensure your data management programme delivers results quickly
  • How the data delta methodology provides an effective approach to data management
  • The importance of taking an incremental approach to data management
  • How other organisations have successfully crossed the data delta

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar will be of interest to Chief Data Officers, Data Management Leaders, Data Programme Managers, Data Programme sponsors and anyone who is concerned with data management in their organisation.

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