Energy Transition

Efficiency and renewable resources.

The Energy industry faces one of its most challenging times as it strives to serve a more global society

Demand for energy increases each year yet consumers demand cleaner, more affordable and more accountability within the energy supply chain.

  • New competitive threats force the Oil & Gas industry to be more efficient and transition to renewable sources.
  • Utilities must facilitate higher efficiency in energy consumption through smart solutions and evolve the grid for decentralized production throughout the network.
  • Consumer behaviors shifts (i.e. shift from vehical ownership to Car Sharing) fundimentally change the energy consumption ecosystem.
  • New regulations and tariffs on “undesirable” biproducts of the energy industry change traditional cost structures and investment models.

Enterprise data is governed as a true corporate asset.

Leaders in Energy recognize the immense value of information and insights gleaned by harnessing the data produced throughout each of their core business processes. Enterprise data is governed as a true corporate asset with same level of rigor as traditional assets like production plants, ships, mines, or pipelines. Insights from trusted data enables agile, data-driven process improvement throughout the organization. VIQTOR DAVIS designs and develops new information patterns and methodologies to enable clients across the Energy ecosystem to understand their own data landscape, establish a modern information architecture that is appropriate for their organization and a pragmatic set of actions to achieve the measurable business results they desire.

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