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On demand webinar - Take the stress out of delivering a cloud data platform

If you are considering moving your data platform into the cloud, or implementing a new cloud-based data platform, then our 45 minute webinar tells you all you need to know about how to do this safely, efficiently and securely using VIQTOR DAVIS’s tried and tested ‘thin slice’ approach.

Many vendors and consultants will try and persuade you that the best way to do this is to start from scratch building a whole new data platform in the cloud, but this approach is risky, time consuming and extremely costly. Time and again we’ve seen these kinds of projects fail due to expensive and complex technology, or because the project does not last long enough to deliver the benefits promised.

At VIQTOR DAVIS we recommend a different approach – the so-called ‘thin slice’ method, part of our industry-leading data delta methodology. Rather than initiating a high risk and expensive project, we help you identify a value-adding ‘thin slice’ that you can get up and running in the cloud quickly and securely. This thin slice could be data cataloguing, data quality, data management, analytics – whatever delivers the most value for the least effort and risk. We work together to move that one area into the cloud and ensure it’s operating effectively and delivering value fast before we move onto the next thin slice.

Watch our free webinar now and in just 45 minutes you will learn:-

  • The benefits of an incremental approach to building your cloud data platform
  • How the thin slice approach works in practice
  • How to identify the best place to start your own cloud data platform project
  • Determining the best technology for your organisation’s particular needs
  • Moving into the cloud safely and securely
  • How VIQTOR DAVIS has delivered this in other client organisations

At VIQTOR DAVIS we’re technology and platform agnostic, providing a broad range of skills across a range of technologies and products. Our managed services offering crosses technology disciplines – ranging from cloud infrastructure and application support through to implementation, delivery and advisory services. We also have partnerships with major vendors as well as AWS and Azure.

We take care of everything for you so you can hand everything over to us, worry-free rather than having to embark on a long, expensive, risky journey to a data platform in the cloud.

Who should view this webinar?

This webinar will be of interest to anyone who is considering making the move into the cloud but isn’t yet sure of the best approach to take. CTOs, CMOs, CDOs, CIOs and IT Directors will all find the content relevant to them.

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