Webinar: Migrating Data to the Cloud


9-10 am


While cloud computing has evolved from a market disrupter to a mainstream IT development, it still appears to be a major challenge to move critical business data to the cloud for so many organizations. Gartner estimates that less than one-third of enterprises have a proper documented cloud strategy and even less have thought about a data architecture.

In this joint VIQTOR DAVIS and Informatica webinar we will discuss the reasons why we are seeing Digital Transformations accelerating in 2020. This trend has caused a fast growth in investments in Cloud.

We will go into more detail on what the business drivers for Data in the Cloud are what methodology to use when migrating data to the Cloud.

A few examples of successful migrations will be highlighted, whilst at the same time we can warn for possible pitfalls. Cloud solutions, like data lakes and lake houses will be included when discussing the Cloud migrations.

From a technology point of view topics like integration, ingestion, data quality, data preparation, data governance, people, processes and curation will be covered.

Webinar panel, this webinar will be hosted by

  • Mascha van Eijk - VP Business Development VIQTOR DAVIS
  • Phil Turton - Cloud Lead Informatica

Who should watch this?

This webinar is aimed at CDO’s and people reporting to CDO’s, both in a technical and business capacity in both private and public sectors. It is also interesting for those who have the roles of Head of Analytics, Head of Data Strategy & Governance and Head of Data Science. Those who are responsible for companies’ Cloud environments will enjoy this webinar too.


  • Accelerated Digital Transformation
  • Investments in Cloud
  • Business drivers for Data in Cloud, accessibility , single source of truth, speed
  • Data in the Cloud – how - methodology
  • Successful migrations & Pitfalls
  • Technology point of view: Integration, ingestion, DQ, data preparation, governance, people, processes, curation
  • Transition to Cloud Data Lakehouse

Webinar: Migrating Data to the Cloud


5 - 5 November


9:00AM - 10:00AM


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