VIQTOR DAVIS and MS Centrum Amsterdam work together to use data science for MS care

VIQTOR DAVIS will support the MS Center Amsterdam in the next two years in improving the MS Center database, in order to jointly improve the life and treatment of people with MS. The MS Center database must contain all data of patients from the MS center for research. The letter of intent for cooperation was signed today by Bernard Uitdehaag, director MS Centrum Amsterdam and Leon de Looff, CEO VIQTOR DAVIS.

The MS Center Amsterdam has over 1,800 people with MS under treatment. Every year they come to Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc for care provision. In addition, 550 people come to the MS Center Amsterdam every year for a second opinion. In the future, data from these hospital visits will not only be available to the treating neurologist and patients in their own electronic patient file, but will also be made available anonymously to researchers in a separate MS Center database. A complete research database will make research much more efficient. New scientific developments can be anticipated much faster, which improves the care for people with MS.

VIQTOR DAVIS will help the MS center with modern IT technologies such as data science, advanced analytics, big data and visualization techniques. In the context of corporate social responsibility, VIQTOR DAVIS will make 3,500 man-hours available to the MS Center in Amsterdam over the next two years.

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