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MDM and Big Data in a GDPR World: Govern your data lake

Is your organisation underway with big data projects and facing the prospect of complying with the GDPR at the same time? The same steps are needed for success in MDM or big data and analytics programmes. This is the case particularly in the context of new regulations governing the collection and processing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as the GDPR.

Data governance, or the lack thereof, will be the primary success factor for both of these types of initiatives.

We also have another white paper exploring why many MDM projects fail, and what can be learned in a big data world. The probability of failure of MDM projects increases for a variety of reasons which have subsequently been described in more detail in our book Crossing the Data Delta which you can download for free if you wish.

In this paper we will look at:

  • The connection between MDM and big data
  • Why MDM in a big data world is a challenge
  • What your organisation needs to be aware of in the context of personal data and regulation
  • IBM solutions that are available to make this an easier process
  • How your organisation can swiftly put in place a road map to GDPR compliance using IBM technology

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