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A guide to the GDPR annual review

Ensuring your organisation passes its GDPR MOT

More than a year after GDPR, less than 60% of organisations believe that they are compliant. Data breaches are common, some involving huge brand names, and consumers are more concerned than ever about the security of their data. GDPR is very much a live issue still.

GDPR is a continuous and evolving thing. Your data environment changes all the time, so you need to be mindful of that to ensure that your GDPR compliance keeps pace.

Download this free white paper to learn:

  • What you need to include in your GDPR annual review
  • How best to conduct your review – a structured approach
  • Instilling a ‘data protection by design’ mindset in your organisation
  • Putting in place a roadmap of improvements and developing an action plan
  • Identifying commercial opportunities that come from compliance
  • How VIQTOR DAVIS can help you conduct your annual GDPR review

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