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Data Storytelling

Uncovering key insights from data is one skill, communicating them is another. However, both are equally important when it comes to making your data truly valuable.

With data storytelling your data can make a real impact. It helps you to effectively communicate insights gained from data in order to engage, enlighten and activate your audience.

Don’t let the data speak for itself, let us help you tell a story

The world loves data, but data is a means to an end. Data is only valuable when the numbers are put in the right context and subsequently lead to the right decisions being taken. Data storytelling is the last mile to ensure your data insights lead to action.

Data storytelling combines two worlds: objective data and human communication. It is a way of enriching and explaining data insights by combining it with visuals and narrative. This way, we create engaging, enlightening and activating stories which enable you to become a truly data-driven organisation. Whether you want to make a business report more convincing or create tailor-made marketing based on personalised customer data, let our team create an attractive data story for you.

Consider using data storytelling for one of the following purposes

  • Activate business users - Create clear, activating and appealing business reports to exploit data insights to their full potential. Present your results in a simple and convincing way to facilitate the right discussion among stakeholders.
  • Customer engagement - Reach out to your customers through personalised data stories which provide valuable insights in their usage of your product. Showcase your product value!
  • Outreach and impact - Make your annual/scientific/policy reports more accessible and attractive in order to reach a wider audience and have more impact.
  • Data journalism - Data stories which help you create awareness about public topics and enable you to show your side of the story.

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