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The NHS is continuously under financial pressures while expected to deliver world class optimal patient centred care. To achieve this means ensuring that patients are seen at the right time, at the right place, by the right clinician for the right reason and for the right treatment. These all are to be done right the first time. It is a huge and complex challenge. The chances of success are higher in environments where decisions and plans are proactively made instead of reactively.

Both data and analytics are essential in the delivery of good quality healthcare. Analytics provides the hindsight, insight and foresight needed for effective decision making, planning and management such as helping to recommend optimal pathways for achieving the best possible treatment outcomes for individual cases.

Analytics is only as good as the data that feeds it. Also important is its availability; providing all necessary time sensitive insights when need not after. This webinar is a brief introduction to a series on accelerating actionable insights for solving operational challenges in healthcare.

Watch this webinar to learn:

The effect of the dual nature of data as an enabler and barrier
Highlight of some operational management use cases
How the VIQTOR DAVIS data delta method accelerates analytics processes

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at budget holders and influencers such as COOs, contract and income managers, Executive Director of Operations and Finance Directors in healthcare, both public and private healthcare providers, manufacturers, charities, pharmaceuticals and regulatory bodies interested in improving their operational management function through analytics.

Watch this webinar now.

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