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On demand webinar - Analytics, meet data management

On demand webinar

Every organisation wants to be data-driven these days. But what does “data driven” really mean? Translated, it means organisations want increased visibility of their inner workings, better understanding of the dynamics of the market in which they operate, insight into their customers’ demographic profiles and behaviours, and the performance of their products.

With the heightened level of visibility and insight organisations can answer questions and make better decisions. Couple these aspirations with increased levels of data literacy among business audiences, and it’s clear to see the pressure is building on analytics functions to deliver, and deliver quickly.

There is a gap between the business and the insights a business requires to meet their aspirations that analytics solutions alone struggle to cross, significantly slowing them down. This webinar will highlight the specific issues that prevent the fast delivery of insight and increased business agility, and how the VIQTOR DAVIS data delta method dramatically accelerates analytics processes.

Watch this webinar to learn:-

  • The business reaction to the “data race” and why they are left feeling frustrated.
  • The root of the problem that leads to frustration.
  • The constituent disciplines that make up analytics and the processes they follow.
  • How the data delta method directly addresses inefficiencies in their processes and common working practices.
  • How the wider business functions outside of analytics benefits from crossing the data delta.

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at both the producers and consumers of insights and analytics, CAOs, CDOs, CIOs, CMOs, commercial leaders, data scientists, business intelligence professionals and anyone who is interested in learning how they can increase the speed of insight delivery and decrease their time to action – improving business agility.

Click here to watch this webinar.

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