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Many organisations claim to be data-driven and to leverage analytics to make the best decisions with the best outcomes. Analytics, data science and business intelligence have become as commonplace in business vocabulary as marketing and finance, and feature as heavily in many organisations' strategy. However, the world of analytics is fast moving and members of the business community also have a day job, so it’s often hard to keep up – or even make a start in gaining an understanding let alone in realising the benefits.

We would like to re-introduce you to the very large and growing world of analytics and the latest trends. Most importantly, we’re going to boil analytics down to just the things we think are worth focusing on and where to make a start. We’re going to discuss the importance of getting the fundamentals right and what’s at risk if you get these wrong and we will introduce a robust approach that ensures that the fundamental foundations are dynamically laid as you embark on your analytical journey.

Watch this webinar to learn:

What analytics really means through a clear definition – no buzzwords, no marketing lingo
The latest trends in analytics and which of these are really worth a business caring about
Where to make a start with it all and the common pitfalls to avoid when you do
The analytics approach that helps in delivering incremental insight while dynamically laying the fundamental foundations

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is designed for the consumers and beneficiaries of insights through data analytics; CMOs, CFOs, CEOs, commercial leaders and business managers who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the analytics domains.

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