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We look forward to seeing you at the webinar. In the meantime, you might find it useful to look at some of the other resources we have on our website related to connected data governance.

Download our Connected Governance white paper

Many organisations are becoming frustrated by the discontinuity between business and IT when talking about getting value from organisational data. To compete in a business environment full of digital opportunity, whilst meeting obligations and demonstrating compliance, the data itself must be unambiguous, shared and trustworthy. In most organisations we see the IT and business communities each trying to do the right thing by their data, but working in their own silos. There’s a lack of connected data governance. This white paper discusses the challenges associated with achieving connected governance and how VIQTOR DAVIS can help.

See how you can achieve connected governance using Informatica’s Axon and EDC

To achieve connected governance you need to unite the disparate worlds of business and IT within your organisation to create a more effective ways of working. This short series of videos shows how this can be achieved by combining Entity’s data expertise with Informatica’s data software tools.

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Check out the connected data governance content we have on our blog.

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