We help you improve your business through data innovation

Technological evolution is accelerating at a bewildering pace. We are facing the most transformational times in history. The combination of IoT, robotics, predictive analytics, self-driving cars, streaming real-time data, genetics and nanotechnology is creating a perfect storm of change. Companies need to embrace this change, to drive change instead of being driven by it.

You have seen the impact of these changes already in all areas of your business, from your supply chain down through the whole customer journey to the speed with which innovations and new products and services are demanded by your end-users. The challenge facing all organisations is how to embrace innovation and use it to unlock exceptional growth opportunities.

Successful digital transformation projects are a complex mix of changes to the processes, the technology and tools and the culture of an organisation. Your biggest challenge is to connect your boardroom agenda with the operational, currently available, data landscape.

We can help you bridge those two worlds and add significant value to your organisation

VIQTOR DAVIS is a team of over 300 professionals based in Benelux, United Kingdom and the USA with managed services in India and Mexico. We empower organisations to exploit their data as a strategic business asset and thereby increase their competitiveness. We want to be your data partner in strategy, governance, management, science and analytics. We provide professional services, knowledge transfer and full-service solutions.

In short: data craftsmanship.

Company history

VIQTOR DAVIS was formed in 2018 when several data companies, based in the Netherlands and the UK, joined forces. The combined group focuses on helping customers with their digital transformation through the governance, management and exploitation of critical data assets. This is increasingly relevant as the pace of technology advancement continues to accelerate with the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and hyper connectivity. At the same time concerns over data privacy, information usage and job security continue to grow. Driven by the need to introduce new business models, more than ever before, data has become a board room subject.

With these profound changes, organisations are in search of an experienced services partner to work with them to get the maximum value from their data asset through data strategy, compliance and analytics. This is data craftsmanship. Jibes and Entity have come together as VIQTOR DAVIS to offer these specialist capabilities to customers in Europe, the UK and the USA.

Global. Independent. Expert.

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