VIQTOR DAVIS launches its “Together in Diversity” campaign

by Lewis Hudson on 8th March 2019

No two people are the same, and that also applies to our colleagues at VIQTOR DAVIS, or as we call them “Data Changemakers”. We are passionate about the value that diversity brings to our organisation and we want everyone to be able to develop their talents and continue to challenge themselves, regardless of background or characteristic.

The diversity deficit in the technology sector has been well publicised in recent years. A prime example shown in recent research reports by PWC suggesting that of women studying a STEM subject at university just 3% see a role in technology as their first career choice, often due to lack of information about career prospects or to stereotypical ideas about gender and ability. Women currently make up just 14.4% of people working in STEM in the UK, which represents a loss not just to individuals not pursuing particular careers but also to the wider economy. For example, research by the Royal Society Edinburgh forecasts that doubling the number of women in STEM jobs in Scotland would be worth an additional £170 million per year to Scotland’s national income.

Down the line, a lack of diversity in tech workforces has wider consequences for the effectiveness of those companies. There are a growing number of widely publicised examples of product failure that can be attributed to a lack of diversity in the workforce. For example, automated soap dispensers that only recognise white skin due to never having been tested on or trained to recognise darker skin, or facial recognition software that struggles to accurately identify the faces of women or people of colour due to having been trained on datasets containing primarily pictures of white men.

In an age where the technological evolution is accelerating at a bewildering pace and organisations are increasingly looking to realise the value of their data assets, this diversity deficit concerns us.  We at VIQTOR DAVIS strongly believe that it is our corporate and social responsibility to inspire, educate and encourage underrepresented groups to work within what is a growing and exciting industry, where they feel supported and can represent their fellow and future Data Changemakers. We welcome our colleagues to bring their whole self to work, encouraging better decision making whilst cultivating a successful, inclusive, working environment.

This said, we also recognise the diversity challenges faced in our industry and so today we are launching our VIQTOR DAVIS Together in Diversity campaign. The campaign celebrates the diversity of our Data Changemakers, both at VIQTOR DAVIS and within the wider industry, throughout the course of their careers and will showcase the advice they offer to those looking to work within the sector. As part of this campaign we’ll be speaking at the STEM Women Graduates event in October this year, we’re talking to various universities about how we can partner with them, as well as investigating opportunities to work with schools and encourage a wider range of applicants for our Data Academy programme.

We’re always on the look out for additional opportunities to work with likeminded partners, with the aim of informing and educating underrepresented groups about the possibilities that are available within the data industry. If you would like to be apart of our VIQTOR DAVIS Together in Diversity campaign, please reach out.

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